Domain Privacy not working

  • Answered
when "Domain Privacy" is enabled, then whois should not show my name. This works fine in the terminal, but if I type :
in the research bar, then my full name is displayed!! So obviously the "privacy" you're claiming do not work. What's going on?
Hello, Thanks for the question! The WHOIS rules (as per ICANN) state that a domain must registered with a legal name or business. This name is not obfuscated or hidden when a domain is queried for this information. I ran a WHOIS in SSH on your domain and verified that your name does show in that type of query. Domain privacy can hide the contact information on the account, but not the owner's name. I hope that helps to clear up the question for you. If you want to see our documentation, please read Private Domain Registration. Kindest regards, Arnel C.