Email forwarding: Random emails don't get forwarded

  • Answered
We collect emails (sales@, info@, etc) from 4 of our sites and use forwarders them to one mailbox "inquiry@" on our main site plus a mailbox on Yahoo business email.
A year ago we turned off ALL spam filtering on our websites because it flagged too many legitimate emails.
My users check the "inquiry@" inbox using RoundCube.
About 3 weeks ago we found random emails weren't getting forwarded to "inquiry@".
Usually about one a day from a legitimate customer. They are at "info@" or "sales@", but are missing from "inquiry@" .
Our Yahoo business account gets all of them, which is how we found the missing emails (that and calls from customers).
Any thoughts?
Hello, Unless there was something in the headers preventing the email to be forwarded then it would have been sent. I would recommend you contact our support department via a ticket with the to and from email addresses, along with the subject and time frame of the email. This is so we may cross reference the error along with our mail servers log. If you are not a customer of ours then I would recommend you contact your host to do the same. Kindest Regards, TJ Edens