Can I use the cPanel back up tool to transfer if the site is over 3GB?

  • Answered
I have a site on another hosting service where the email accounts are 7GB and the rest of the site files are 9 GB for a total of 16 GB or so. If I use the cPanel backup tool and have a gz file. In your instructions you say to copy the files via FTP if larger than 3GB. Is there a reason we can't use the backup tool to transfer my site?
Hello, Thanks for the question. I posed this question to a systems person and he said that you should not do it for the entire site. You should make partial backups of each section: database, mail, files. Then you should use FTP to transfer it over. Using the backup tool on the server would take a long time and possibly lead to a corrupted backup. This is why they suggest using FTP or just doing partial backups. For more information on partial backups, see Backing up your cPanel. Regards, Arnel C.