PRESTASHOP - CSV IMPORT - How to remove Disccount Amount?

  • Answered
Hi, I have uploaded discount ammounts in my prestashop using CSV import function. What happened is that the discount are showing up at the product, despite I have uploaded new ones with 0 discount amounts. I cannot erase all the discounts amounts through CSV. How can I do this? ( my shop has more then 100,000 products) and I need to erase all the discount amounts.

I can change the discount from 10 to 15, but not to 0

You could also empty (truncate) the ps_specific_price DB table, if you want to remove all of the discounts. It is also easy enough to select large numbers of rows in that table by changing the number of rows that are displayed on-screen. You can then manipulate your deletions.
I did a bit of searching for you and as it does not appear there is a way to do this directly in PrestaShop, I have found a forum post for a paid module that will be able to mass edit products to make the changes you are looking to make. I have never tested this module, but from the replies it looks to work.