Adding SPF DNS Record

  • Answered
A client I host on my VPS is asking to have the following done:
v=spf1 +ip4:(your external IP Address here) +a +mx ~all

Please ensure to replace the field above "(your external IP Address here)" with your actual External IP Address (else it will not work).

Is this something I can control from my WHM or their website's CPanel? I'm pretty sure their domain name is registered from a different registrar as well, so I'm guessing I may need them to set that up with them...?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for the question. The text for the SPF record would typically go into the DNS editor within WHM. However, if you do not have control of the domain, then you will have no way to add that entry. If the customer is simply pointing an A record to you, then he will need to make the DNS change as you will not have any control over his DNS. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.