Parked and addon domains

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I would like to use a plugin called Pretty link and use an alternate URL for the pretty link.

Their instructions are: the alternate base URL must forward or be added as a parked domain in your hosting account for the main domain. Here's an article to reference here:

My question is this - I have the domain set up as an addon domain, not parked domain. And there are htaccess rewrite rules for 301 redirects. If I remove it as an addon domain and add it as a parked domain, will I los ethe htaccess conditions? Also - if the domain is set up as a parked domain, will the htaccess rewrite rules still be read as they are now?


Thanks for the question. If you create a parked domain, then you should not lose the 301 redirects, unless you edit your .htaccess file. Parked domain changes do not affect .htaccess files. You would need to make sure that the rules do not affect your site once you make a parked domain. Parked domains point to the primary domain.

I hope that helps to answer your question! Let us know if you have any further question.

Arnel C.