Can't see how to detect what is causing High Volume Traffic

  • Answered
Hi, I got several warnings of high volume traffic. In cPanel I don't have any chance to do a serious resource tracking. I just suppose: but when I will go into production mode with Prestashop, I can't go on supposing. Can anoyone of you guys tell me what is really causing such warnings to narrow down the problem? Is it MySQL? Is it FTP? I asked at least 3-4 times in chat and in reply of your warnings mail, but everyone is vague. I am really disappointed.
Hello, It is not typical for PrestaShop to be sending you into high resource usage mode, especially if it is not a live site yet. If you want to get more information on what is causing the issue, you will need to check the times your usage is spiking and then check your raw access logs from the cPanel to see what is being called during those times. That will let you know what you need to optimize in order to get the usage down. Kindest Regards, Scott M