No stats for my domains

  • Answered
No stats are available for my account. Aw-stats and Webalizer are listed in cPanel but Analog and Logaholic are not. The two stats programs listed (Aw-stats and Webalizer) both says "There are no domains which have stats to display." Are these stats not enabled by default?

Another related question: Is it possible to import the Aw-stats from my previous host into Aw-stats at Inmotion?
Hello, Yes, as soon as you add a domain to an account, the awstats should begin tracking for it. Logaholic has been removed at the server level, but can be installed to your account via Softaculous. As for importing your old data for awstats, you will need to bring over the con and txt files for your domain from the old host. Rename the txt file by naming it in the following format if it is not done so already: For example: This can be uploaded into your tmp/awstats directory and the old data should then display when viewing the AWSTATS. Kindest Regards, Scott M