Can't get email on my iPhone

  • Answered
My iPhone email account stopped working . I get the message "Cannot get Mail." The mail server ... is not responding..." I saw this question asked already and the answer was that it seemed to be a temporary problem perhaps with the server. But this started yesterday and I still can't get email, still getting the same message. Note, I did not change anything in my email account info. Could there still be trouble with the server?

Hello TomClavin, Thank you for contacting us today. I'm not aware of any email issues on the account you provided privately, but I am help troubleshoot the problem. I first recommend checking your email settings for typos. If you are currently on Wifi, try turning it off and see if it can pull email over your phone network. If you are not on Wifi, try logging onto a wifi network, and testing. This can help determine if the network is part of the problem. If your problems persist, it may be easier to contact Live Support, so they can review the email logs in real-time. Thank you, John-Paul