Email received from Melbourne IT Ltd asking to verify email address ??

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I received the following email. Is it legitimate? Is this something I have to respond to that was actually initiated by Thank you in advance for your help.

This is an ICANN (the regulating body for global top-level domain names) / Neustar (the regulating body for .US domain names) mandated message concerning the domain name [], sent from Melbourne IT Limited as the registrar of record on behalf of your domain name supplier [InMotion Hosting Inc].
Email address verification

To continue using the domain name [] we must verify your email address, please Click Here or copy and paste this link into your web browser
Please note that if you do not verify this address, ICANN/Neustar mandates that this domain name be suspended. This means that any website or email services associated with will stop working.

For more information please visit our FAQ pages here or contact your domain name supplier:

Supplier Name: InMotion Hosting Inc
Supplier Email: [email protected]
Supplier Website:

Kind regards,
Melbourne IT Limited
Registrar of Record for []

Yes, it seems to be legitimate. Melbourne IT is our registrar partner. It appears your domain information changed a couple of days ago. If this was a transfer to us or a change of information, Melbourne will need to verify.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M