ftp upload wrong images

  • Answered
I have presta shop manager connected with Doba for my product integration and upload. I have connected via ftf. Php-my sql bridge connection. Im connected fine but when I upload products, it loads other images as well. For instance. When you look at my website after I have done an upload, the main image will be another product and on the product page it will be the original product. Why is this happening? In more detail, The main product would say tv but it will be a picture of a laptop.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the product images. I am unable to duplicate the issue when I visit your website. Can you please give us a specific URL where this issue is happening? Make sure that you have cleared your browser cache as well. If it's cleared and the problem recurs, then we will need to look at it further.

I need to see the problem happening in order to troubleshoot it. Currently, it looks normal to me - at least in the TV section. If you can provide a temporary Admin login for us to troubleshoot- I can remove it from the comment before approving it. If you can give us a little more info, then I can try to troubleshoot it a little further. I'm not seeing any reports on this particular issue happening in the forums.

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Arnel C.