Cpanel nor domain not working at all anymore

  • Answered
So I was with and had my domain (bought through inmotion) routed there. I canceled my account there and now have rerouted my domain to my squarespace account. When I search for my website - - it does not come up. It does however have my little logo, browser icon, also known as favicon. I can't seem to find the problem, could you help me out? I am thinking I need to drop the domain and buy it again? I am willing to have someone guide step by step if that's needed, would just really like the domain and website to be up and running good =) I really appreciate all your help!
Hello, The problem you're having is related to your name server settings. The name servers are still set to WIX. Check out Change Domain Name Servers in AMP. Please allow up to 24 hours for the change to take effect. Hope that helps! Arnel C.