Inundated with Spam from IPs located in Russia, Bulgaria, Tokelau, etc

  • Answered
My email is getting slammed with spam from foreign servers located in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Tokelau, China, Japan, etc. I'm reporting them to SpamCop, blocking them in cPanel, and have SpamAssassin enabled, but they just keep coming.

Why isn't IMH noting these foreign IP server addresses and blocking them??? Or indicating domains ending in .ru, .ro, .tk, .bg, .ch as spam?

These are not blocked by default as some of our users are from other countries and this would impact their usage. We do, however, employ additional spam blacklists such as Spamcop which block an extremely large amount of spam. Of course, some spam can still get through due to servers not yet being listed in the blacklists. To block from particular domains, I recommend setting up email filter rules which will allow you to send mail from these domains directly to the trash. With various rules in place, it should get rid of the majority of spam you may be getting. Also, playing around with your SpamAssassin settings will get good results as well and can block more spam depending on the rules and score that SpamAssassin is given.