Thanks for the question and sorry for the trouble. I just double-checked your account. I created an email account and tested sending and receiving. Both tests worked using the IMAP protocol, so the problem is not with the server. It is very possible that the problem has to do with the settings you are using. Make sure that your user name is always a full (and already created) email address. The mail server would be secure111.inmotionhosting.com, if you're using the secure settings. You would need to set it to SSL (not TSL) and it would be using a port of 993 (for incoming). The outgoing settings would again require a user name that is a full and registered email address, and would be using the same server setting: secure111.inmotionhosting.com (if you're using the secure settings). The port would be 465. It should be set to SSL.

There are a variety of reasons that you may see "CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER". Make sure that you have a connection to the internet and consult with your internet service provider or the tablet support team if you continue to have internet connection issues.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.