Prestashop categories not getting updated

  • Answered
We recently migrated from godaddy to inmotion. The data transfer was done by Inmotion support team. The issue we are facing is with categories. We are able to create new categories and subcategories in the backend. However, the newly created categories and subcategories after we moved to inmotion are not getting updated in the Top Menu and we cannot see the new categories and subcategories in the product creation page to associate the products. Hence all products created can only under the Home category.
Can someone help us with this issue please?

I do not have this issue with my own PrestaShop site running from our servers, so I would need to see your setup in order to even begin to make a guess. For instance, I would need a URL in order to test, as well as sample categories that you have tried to add but only show in the home category.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M