PHP contact us form

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Hi, I have a new website and used a Bootstrap theme that has a PHP contact form included. The form works fine on all devises and browsers that I have access to. IE 10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, windows xp PC, windows 7 PC, ipad and iphone 4s. And I have had friends try it as well and it works perfectly.

For some reason, I am getting blank email responses in my email box from that form and can't figure out why or how that is happening. It is very concerning because I could be missing business opportunities...

Any ideas would be much appreciated, Thanks, Bill
Hello Bill,

You will want to test the code that creates the email and ensure that the content variable is picking up the text that is entered into the form fields. This may require some tedious code crawling through the files on your site.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M