Horde ActiveSync on Windows Phone 8

  • Answered
I noticed that Horde is installed by default on my server, and supports calendar/task syncing via ActiveSync. The horde Wiki says it should be compatible with Windows Phone 8: http://wiki.horde.org/ActiveSync?referrer=ExternalClientsHowTo When I try to add a new Exchange account on my phone, it says that it has autodiscovered my settings, but then quickly gives me a generic "something went wrong" error (no error code), and fails to add the account correctly.

Is there some additional server configuration I need to do in order for Horde's activesync to work correctly? Is there some other software I can put on my server to gain calendar/task syncing functionality?

Thanks for the question. I've been researching this question as we are not aware of it being actually loaded on the server. As far as I can tell, the option is NOT loaded. I have requested clarification from our systems team. You may need to have to load the Horde Webmail software onto the server in order to configure or set the option. However, since you are on a shared server, if any option in the setup requires root access, then it would not be possible. I am currently reviewing this question and I will have another response when I find a definitive answer.

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Arnel C.