Site Administrators - Cannot Add/Delete/Modify

  • Answered
We migrated our development/semi-production into a new server. The only issue we see is that we cannot add/delete/modify the "Site Administrators". Where (i.e. apache, mysql, or the moodledata) is the list of "Site Administrators" defined (our guess is mysql) and how do we fix it? Thank you.
Hello, Thanks for the question. It does appear to be a rights issue. One thing you should definitely check are the rights of the database user that you will need to have created. This is the user that is being used to connect to the Moodle database. This user should have all of the appropriate permissions. Check out How to create user for MySQL in cPanel for further details. If the issue continues even after making changes to the database user, then we will need more information. If you could provide the URL and access info in a separate question, we can remove that information before publishing the question and its response. I did search the Moodle forums myself and there are no reported issues of this problem (that I can find). Thanks for your patience! Regards, Arnel C.