Experiencing Extreme Database Latency

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I've been experiencing some extreme latency in the past 24 hours that seems to be resulting from slow database responses. AJAX requests making simple queries are taking 20 seconds or longer to return. Traffic on my site is very low, so that shouldn't be the cause.

Are you aware of any network issues? Also, I can provide more information about the specific database I'm on if that's helpful -- I just didn't know if that information should be posted publicly.

Thank you for your question. Our System Administrators are aware of MySQL issues with your server, and are currently working on it.

We are usually quick to address these type of problems on shared servers. Shared Hosting includes our Personal / Cheap Hosting Plans and our Business Class Hosting Plans. Shared Hosting is very similar to living in an Apartment Complex. All residents are in the same location and must share the available resources with everyone - such as the pool, parking lot, and play ground. In shared hosting, all accounts (sites) must share the available resources with all the other accounts on the server - such as CPU time, memory, and disk space. Due to the nature of a shared enviornment it is possible for neighbors to negatively impact your experience. This would be to a lesser degree on a VPS platform where you have resources dedicated to you.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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