What happened to my site's SE ranking?

  • Answered
I just checked a report for my SE ranking, and my results have dropped dramatically for my site metro-board.com ! I was within the first page for several terms such as "electric skateboard" and "motorized skateboard", but now I seem to have disappeared completely from the search results. It seems like something is structurally wrong on my site causing my site to not show up on search results. Even a direct search for our company name "Metroboard Electric Skateboard" is not producing any results for the home page of our site...this doesn't make sense! note that this seems to have happened just last week around Aug 6. Not sure what's going on! Please help!

Unfortunately, the only people that would know exactly what happened would be Google. One thing you could do would be to check Google Webmaster Tools for any information as they may provide a cause there. Outside of that, there's not much of a way to determine the cause of a ranking decrease. Google is constantly modifying their search results to provide what they consider most relevant. If you suddenly dropped significantly for several search terms, they could have possibly placed a penalty on your account. Unfortunately, there is not a way to know for certain. At this point, I recommend checking Webmaster Tools for more information and if it isn't displayed there, hiring a quality SEO firm may be your best option.