Simple Payments relay url 406

  • Answered
One of my clients is on a VPS hosted by inmotion. On Friday ( August 8th ) of last week's Simple Payments system quit sending users to our thankyou page.

From what I've been able to gather from multiple searches, last week a change was made to mod_security that causes the server to return a 406 status code when no user-agent info was provided by Simple Payments as it returned data via POST to the thank you page.

We have had mod_security turned off for the domain, but it seems like using a hammer to fix something when a more elegant solution must be available. Is there anyway to turn off mod_security for one file or directory?
Hello Akiramedia, Sorry for the problem with modsecurity. We do provide a few articles for disabling Modsecurity - but not at the file/directory level. In order to disable it, you will need Root access. Here are the two articles that give you the instructions on disabling modsecurity per domain or disabling specific modsecurity rules. Regards, Arnel C.