Renewal after the first year

  • Answered
Please help me with the following.
A year ago, I bought the Launch Plan for 24 months and had included the registration of one (1) domain.
Why, after the first year, you're asking me I should renew the domain and pay for this?
There's something I misunderstood?

Thank you very much for everything. My User name is: *******
Hello diamondwaycali, Thank you for your question. Since this is our public forum, I have marked out your cPanel username for security purposes. Most likely you received a coupon for a free year of domain transfer or registration. You can view your previous payments and receipts in AMP at anytime. Domain names must be renewed yearly, unless you pay for several years ahead of time. You can also view the renewal dates for your account in AMP. For more account specific answers, it may be easier to contact Live support. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul