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Scott or jacob,

As you know from my previous post, there was a problem with the subcategories not appearing on the parent category


None of the subcategories ( Pillow beds, Mats.....etc) were appearing on that or any other parent page.

**The developer fixed it very quickly, just some missing code.

However, have a look at this page:

Yes, I know you are thinking the same thing I am. Not very eye catching is it!

Please point me in the direction of the coding for the subcategories pictured there. Obviously, I need to make the images much larger and the overall look better. For example, after I make the thumbnails larger I need to take the subcategory name, for example, PILLOW BEDS and make the text larger, put it on top the thumbnail and make the subcategory title a different color.

Would you guys like to help me spruce this up. If so, I will again sing your praises on the Prestashop main forums.


Hello Bruce,

I see your issue, it appears a little bland. Now, I am not too familiar with the Buddie theme, so I tiptoed in there to see if I could make some decent adjustments without breaking it. If you take a look, there is slight change to the layout. The images are a bit bigger, and the Subcategory name stands out a bit more. I was able to get the subcategories to spread out just a bit more instead of being scrunched to the left so much.

The image size change was simple enough. It was running off of the Medium_Default thumbnails generated by PrestaShop. To change the size of these, simply go to Preferences >> Images. From there you will see a table of the thumbnail categories and their sizes. You can alter those by clicking on the Edit icon for your selected size, then alter the height and width at your discretion. Once done, be sure to go to the bottom of the page regenerate the thumbnails so they retain their clarity.

The spacing, and the font changes required some coding changes to the /themes/buddie/category.tpl file. I retained an original copy in your folder (category.tpl.original) for reference or in case you do not like the changes and want to revert.

Two lines of code needed to be changed, one for the width of the subcategory slots, and one for the font. It was a bit harder than it looks, but not too difficult.

Let me know if you want to revert to the original and I can switch it back quickly for you.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M