Customizing manufacturers page in Opencart

  • Answered
I have purchased a vqmod that shows images on the manufacturers page, but it looks odd.
Here's the link:

Scroll down to "D" , there are only 4 pictures and they are lined up perfectly in a row,

Now Scroll down to "K", there are 6 images, but there are only 3 per row, leaving so much blank spaces behind, looking not so good.

Is there a way to make it 4 per row or even 5 per row?
Thank you!
Hello urusaiii,

It definitely appears that 4 is the limit for the single row and if there are more than 4, then it only displays 3 at per row. If it was a free module you could give us the name and we could check the code, but it appears it is a pay module as stated from your question. As for making it change the number of images on a row, I'm sure it could be done my modifying the source code, but I would not know the exact are without crawling through the code. Is there as support forum for your module? With such an odd behavior I would think someone else has already had the same question and possibly a solution.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M