What is the maximum size of downloadable trial software

  • Answered
I want to create a simple website with some pictures, explanation and a downloadable zip file. The zip file that I have created is 100 Meg in size. The unlock key for software will be handled through separate channels. Can I upload 100 Meg file to my website and more important can the general public download this file from my website. ?
Hello, and thank you for your question. A 100MB .zip file is fine to offer for download to your website visitors. Files even larger than that are fine as well, so long as they are relevant to your website and do not contain copyrighted materials. You will want to review our article on our unlimited disk space and bandwidth and make sure you're not using a shared hosting account as a file repository. If you plan on having this one file downloaded at the same time by multiple people at once, you might want to look into a online file storage service, or might want to review our VPS and dedicated server plans. If you just plan on having this larger file available to the periodic visitor that wants to download it, that should be fine on shared hosting. Of course you will want to keep your visitors in mind, not everyone is on a high-speed Internet connection so the larger you make your archive the longer it will take them to download. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all and we'd be glad to help. - Jacob