Contact 7 form will not work on website

  • Answered
I have tried everything to get my website to send emails thru Contact 7 and nothing works. I have tried deleting form, reloading, I've checked email names, I even changed Port 25 as directed in one of the many articles I have read. I have loaded WP Mail SMTP. I deactivated other plugins that I thought might be causing the problem. I can send test emails using WP Mail SMTP plugin, but not the Contact 7 plugin. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am at a total loss now. I don't know what else to do unless I contact and pay a web designer, which I really don't want to do as I have my website ready to go with 2 exceptions: Contact 7 problem and testing my PayPal setup. Any help is appreciated.

We are happy to assist but would need more information. What type of error messages are you experiencing when using the Contact 7 plugin? Also, we would need to know all the specific settings you are using for the SMTP setup.

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Scott M