mail with attachments is not sending

  • Answered
for the last 2 days, inmotion hosting mail servers have not been able to send mail that has attachements.
we have changed nothing on this end. a problem exists??
randy / username # silico6

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Subject 'Fw: QuinStreet Business Card Order', Account: 'Randy at United Printing', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F
Hello, I'm sorry to hear about the problem with the email. I checked that email account and it's showing activity on the account, and occasionally it's showing an attempt to login with IMAP protocol but without proper authentication. I also checked the server and it is working properly - it can send and receive emails. I can't test from that particular account without changing the password, so if you could please double-check and at least reset that user's password and try again. Also, please make sure to test through Webmail, in order to see if you can send mail that way. If webmail is working, then the issue is at the mail client. Kindest regards, Arnel C.