Product prices show up wrong in Wordpress Ready! Ecommerce

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My product prices show up with an incorrect price when order details page loads. I input correct price in product fields but when you want to order another price shows up. It seemed to change when I tried to put in shipping so I don't know if something went wrong there. Also, I don't understand what shipping field means:
price for shipping will decrease on:
Is this how much from flat rate it will drop? Or price to set it to drop?
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I would need more specific instructions on how to duplicate the pricing issue you are having. I installed the plugin and did a test of my own but am unable to duplicate it. My pricing shows up fine, even with shipping, on the product details screen. If you can give a step by step example, I am happy to try it out and let you know what I find.

As for the "price for shipping will decrease on" explanation, it is a bit confusing. It appears that it means "price for shipping will decrease by" and correlates to the field above. I set the field above it to $100 and the standard shipping for $10. I then set the "price for shipping will decrease on" to $6, meaning it should reduce the shipping by $6. When I picked one of the items and went to checkout the shipping was $4 ($10 - $6).

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