transfer domain from my CP to its own.

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Hi, I need to transfer/move one of my domain to its own control panel. Currently it is in my public_html folder of my hosting. Domain is I tried to find this on the support but was unsuccessful.

Please send me detailed instructions to do this. Will this require help from a support tech? IT is very important that their mail services work perfectly after this.

Thank you. Mark Perry.
Hello Mark, thank you for your question. I've gone ahead and removed all of your private information from this post as this is a public forum. You can follow my guide on how to split a single cPanel account into multiple ones that walks you through the whole process. If you have root access to your VPS you could use the split single cPanel account into multiple accounts using SSH guide instead which is quicker. Mail should continue to work as normal for the domain once you've copied over that addon domain's /mail folder, and modified the newly created cPanel account to use the addon domain name as its own primary domain for that new account as well. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob