SugarCRM DropDown Editor - New dropdowns not showing in Studio

  • Answered
I did a fresh install today after having some lack of functionality issues today and it is still having issues. My primary problem is that anything created in the DropDown Editor does not show up in the Studio. I also cannot delete any dropdowns I create. It is an odd issue as I have another hosting account with you where I do not have this problem - same level of php, also a recent install within the last week. The other install was throwing php errors, but I added some code to stop that and now everything there works perfectly. This install shows no errors and yet has DropDown Editor issues. I'm not sure what is different between the servers and support chat could not resolve it.
Hello Kariebarret, Sorry for the problem with the CRM. I took a look around to see if there any reports on this issue, and there didn't seem to be a trend. Here's a link from Sugar CRM: SugarCRM Support : Studio. It may give you some answers. If not, then please provide a URL and steps to duplicate your problem. We would also need to be able to login to your Sugar CRM. You can post the credentials in your reply. We would remove them before publishing it for view. Once you provide this information, we can take a look at the issue online and then investigate it further. Regards, Arnel C.