How do i add pictures and change infos on my website?

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Lets say i have to change the address and phone number of the company visible on my website how do i do?
Where and how can i add a new brand in my fashion brand area?

Actually... very simple... how do i manage to add or remove informations, pictures or videos on my website
via your platform? i am verryyyyyy lost

Hello Lea, and thanks for your question. In your case it looks like you're using Joomla 3 as your CMS (Content Management System) for your website. To edit information on your site, you'd want to Login to the Joomla admin dashboard and navigate to Content > Article Manager. Then click on your Contact Us article to edit it. For text you can just edit it like you would in any normal text editor by selecting the text you don't want and then typing in the new text. For images you'll want to click on the Insert/Edit Image icon, which is 4 in from the right on the bottom row of buttons and looks like a picture. If you have the old picture highlighted it will try to edit it and let you provide a new image. Or if you're trying to add additional images just place your cursor on a blank line and click the button to insert a new image. If you wanted to add a video to one of your pages, you would need to grab the embed code for the video you're trying to show. For a YouTube video for instance you'd just click on the Share tab in YouTube, then click on the Embed one and copy that code. Once you're done making your edits, just click on the green Save button towards the top-left. If you're trying to add a new category of products to your site, navigate to Content > Category Manager and add a new category by clicking on +New at the top-left. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all! - Jacob