PHP emails not received

  • Answered
Our php application sometimes send emails and sometimes not. We did a couple of tests and the application is working fine. Unfortunately we can't see the server's mail logs. Can you help us with this?
Hello, Sorry to hear about the email issues. If you want, we can look at the logs for you, but understand that this is a public forum. If you're trying to see the logs without sharing it on the internet, you may want to submit a support ticket to our live technical support team. They will need for you to verify your account (with either the AMP password or last 4 digits of the credit card on the account), then they can share the information with you privately. However, I can also just email you a part of the log after this reply. That way you can see what's happening immediately. Basically, the main error I'm seeing from your domain is a Sender Verify Error. You will need to provide authentication for sending out mail in SMTP. These parameters should be set in your software. Note that we can email only the primary email on the account, so the portion of the log file that I'm sending will be emailed to you there. Regards, Arnel C.