Prestashop Odd Gray Bar

  • Answered

Thanks for the advise using Chrome, comes in handy.

I bring your attention to a strange dark gray bar barely showing just above the (4) advertising blocks below the css slider. I can't figure out what that is. Using Chrome I can't see what that is. On the far left it looks like there is some writing that is changing with the slider images. In any event, it is not supposed to be there. Can you see what that is?

Hello Bruce, I did an element inspection on the code,which is how I found out what module the bar belonged to. The Nivo Slider is part of the buddie theme. In reviewing the demo of the slider, the caption is just under the photos but above the 4-button slider control. I could not find out how or why they were switched, but I did find the code for the caption and how to remove it. Below is the code you want to look for in the 'prestashop/modules/csslider/jquery.nivo.slider.js' file, which is on or around line 92.
//Create caption slider.append( $('<div class="nivo-caption"><p></p></div>').css({ display:'none', opacity:settings.captionOpacity }) );
A portion of that code needs to be commented to ensure that the caption bar does not appear. This will keep it from displaying regardless of any other modifications that are made to the slider area.
//Create caption slider.append( $('<!-- <div class="nivo-caption"><p></p></div> -->').css({ display:'none', opacity:settings.captionOpacity }) );
What it does is comment out the code that calls that so it will not display. I have tested it and the gray caption bar no longer displays on the site. Kindest Regards, Scott M