Welcome email not coming

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I am using magento 1.8 version and i am receiving welcome emails when customers register .But at the time of checkout when a customer select "register" option and place order he is not receiving welcome mail.Only sales order email is coming .cant find the issue .
At Customer configuration i have enabled "Require email confirmaion" to yes

please help

Using a fresh install of Magento 1.8 I tested a customer who decided to sign up at the time of checking out. Both the confirmation email and the email for the order came through, although the program allowed the order to be placed as the registered user without finishing the confirmation.

The only configuration I had made for confirmation email was the "Require Emails Confirmation" under System >> Configuration >> Customer Configuration >> Create New Account Options.

This should be the default behavior of the software. Did you set any other settings or have you added any modules or extensions to the software?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M