Email Account not Deleted

  • Answered
I have tried to delete the email account "[email protected]"
and it is no longer on the list of active emails however my concern is that I am still receiving junk mail to this email address. I had my gmail set up to receive messages sent to "[email protected]" and that Gmail account continues to receive mail that is sent to "[email protected]" even though I thought i deleted it. What is going on here?
Hello, and thanks for your question. I've gone ahead and removed your private emails from this public post so you don't get any mail scraper spam. We can fix issues like this for you if you submit a ticket so that your account is verified. It looks like if you login to cPanel, then under the Mail section click on Forwarders you still have a mail forwarder setup for [email protected] to a Gmail account. It's not the same one you mentioned, but possibly your other Gmail account is pulling it in from that one? Please let us know if removing that forwarder fixes the issue for you! - Jacob