Prestashop Footer Links Problem

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Please note that in my footer there are footer links and in three different languages. No change I try to make has any effect on the website footer. I have read all the training on footer blocks and such and have had no luck in being able to edit the footer in any way.

Please advise.

Hello Bruce,

I see what you mean. There is some 'Lorem ipsum' style default text at the bottom of your site. I did some checking and that text is nowhere in the database. I then did a string search through the files and it showed up in reference to one module, static blocks. I checked and that module is indeed enabled in your site. Disabling it removed all the footer information, so that confirms it is the correct module. It has been re-enabled of course.

To edit the information, click on Configure for the Static Block module. It is not obvious at all (no edit button anywhere) but just click on the row you want to edit. In this case it is the third row (CMS footer page). Clicking on the row anywhere will open up the edit page. There you will see all the default information so you can edit it to your liking.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M