Email password too long?

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I struggled for 3 days after changing my password to be able to log on from my android phone, or tablet. I was able to log in with Thunderbird, and with webmail in a browser, but neither my phone or tablet. So I changed my password again, from one that was 13 characters to one that was 9 characters. Presto! Everything works again. Perhaps this bears some investigation, and an addition to the tutorials for future frustrated tech neophytes.


Sorry to hear about the problem with your android phone or tablet. To our knowledge, there is no password length limit on Android devices (be they phone or tablet).

Can you provide more information about the Android devices you're using as well as the Android version?

Based on your information, we will research the issue further and post more information based on our findings. If you any password issues, please contact our live technical support team - they can review your password privately over phone/chat/email.

Arnel C.