Configure cron jobs for Vtiger 6.0

  • Answered
I've installed a copy of the new Vtiger 6.0 and have the settings correctly configured so that it will send out an email when I do so manually. However, in order for the workflow email messages (really the whole system) to work correctly my understanding is that two or three cron jobs have to be set up through cpanel to trigger the emails every minute or so.

I understand the basics of setting up a cron job, but it would really be helpful if there was an updated FAQ on Vtiger 6.0 and how to set up the necessary cron jobs on the InMotion hosting platform. I'm probably not using the correct path, but that's because I really don't know which path to use :).

Hello and thanks for your question. We have a guide that covers how to setup a cron job, if you needed any help with that at all. Taking a look at the vtiger cronjob wiki page it looks like the common path you'd want to have a cron job execute is: /vtigerCRM/cron/ In your case that would appear to be: /home/userna5/public_html/vtiger/cron/ Of course you'll want to replace userna5 with your actual cPanel username. If you wanted your vtiger cron to run every 6 hours you'd end up with something looking like: 0 */6 * * * sh /home/userna5/public_html/vtiger/cron/ Please let us know if you had any other questions. - Jacob