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You have been locked out due to too many login attempts. this is what happens when i update to 4.2.13 current version of IthemesSecurity. the imomtionhosting tech in my cpanel renamed the ithemes directory for me and then i could login to my site. i installed 4.2.13 again fresh and i immediately got kicked out "You have been locked out due to too many login attempts." and so did the inmotionhosting tech who was logged into my site backend.

ps. this has happened to all 8 sites i've upgraded to 4.2.13 and no more than one attempt to log in on each site.
WP 3.9.1
From the research I have done on iThemes Security locking users out on their first attempt, it appears to be typically due to a theme or plugin that is repeatedly hitting locations that do not exist within WordPress and causing a complete lockout. I recommend removing iThemes Security, disabling all plugins and switching to another theme like Twenty Fourteen, and then reinstalling iThemes Security to see if that helps. If you are then able to log in again, begin enabling themes and plugins one by one until you are able to find the culprit.