clone drupal big DB

  • Answered
I need to update a big cloned db to the new drupal demo environment url. How can I do with PhpmyAdmin?
I can't export and import it after using notepad++ to find/replace strings, because the db it is too big.
Inmotion support clonded it form me, but now I don't know how sobstitute url strings...
Hello Marcellom,

The Db should export fine, even being very large. You can then make any changes in NotePad++ and then upload the database file into your account, say in the public_html folder. Then our Live Support team can clear the existing database and import the changed file for you.

You can also use the search feature in phpMyAdmin to identify rows that you want to change and then change them individually. This may take a bit longer, but does not require exporting, uploading an import file and then contacting support to import it for you.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M