How to configure OpenCart to work with Free CloudFlare and SSL

  • Answered

I wanted to know whether/how I can use Free CloudFlare service with SSL (SSL is on only certain pages, not the entire site)

After doing some search I saw that one of the options to achieve this would be to create a sub-domain and pointing SSL pages to that sub-domain.

The other option I saw was to point "www" pages to CloudFlare and make "non-www" pages the SSL pages. I prefer this option to the first option. However I am not totally sure whether this is really possible and if possible how it can be achieved?

Below is the link where it mentions about the second option briefly.

Can you please assist me on this?

Hello, The Cloudflare setup is typically separate from the Opencart installation other than setting up the extension, see their documentation by going to the Cloudflare Opencart extension. They have manual installation instructions there. There is no way to individually select pages, you would need to use the whole site name. We have documentation on how to setup Cloudflare for your domain name. I apologize that we don't have individual instructions for this matter, but I will review the issue further and see if we can provide any further information on the issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.