Web Design Change from FrontPage?

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my company is art, design and sign.(artdsign.com). We have been with your company for several years now, and were still using FrontPage to create our website. On 4/24 you sent out a newsletter which said you would no longer be supporting FrontPage extensions. I am not sure which road would be easier for us to take one trying to upload our FrontPage site with if FTP, or for us to try to use parts of that and rebuild our site. On the information you sent out you suggested Expression Web or one of the many free applications available in Softaculous. Considering our limited programming experience, what would you suggest is there a free program that we might be able to handle where we could reset up our site similar to what it is now . Our site is currently functioning, so I assume you have not removed the FrontPage extensions yet at what point do I have to make a decision and do something different.
If I continue to use FrontPage will I have to upload or by a different program in order to use the extensions.

Thank you for your help
Hello Judy, and thanks for your question about a web design change in FrontPage. You can read our guide on dropping support of FrontPage extensions for more information about why the extensions are no longer available on our servers. If you're comfortable with FrontPage, you can simply keep using it and just be sure to publish your FrontPage website with FTP instead of utilziing the server-side extensions on the server. Some of the things handled by FrontPage extensions such as form handling will no longer function, but basic HTML development will still work in FrontPage. So if you've just used FrontPage to create your raw HTML code, then you can continue to use it. Just note that newer software will have more newer stuff and shortcuts built in for styling things in a more modern way. If you have a limited level of programming experience, I would probably recommend trying to install WordPress with Softaculous and seeing if using a server-side CMS or content management system would work better for you than desktop publishing software. It makes it really easy to manage your content, because you would just login to WordPress from anywhere without having to maintain software on your computer, then you would for instance just click on create new post if you'd like to add a new page to your website. Other than that, if you did want to keep using normal desktop publishing software to manage your raw HTML files, there are a lot of options out there. Microsoft Expression Web would be the successor to FrontPage and it sticks to modern web standards like all of the other common HTML editors these days. If you had any further questions at all, please let us know! - Jacob