Homepage slider not showing images

  • Answered
my website is not showing the images in the homepage slider. The sitte is created with wordpress & the theme builder suggested talking yo you. His comment was:
The timthumb resize script does not like your server for some reason. You can disable it in Dashboard -> your theme -> Image Resizing but then your images will not be resized automatically.

This is the website:
It appears that the issue is being caused by something within your .htaccess file, placed there by Better WP Security. Upon renaming your .htaccess file to make it inactive, the slider works perfectly. I recommend taking a look through it and disabling various things to see if it then begins working again. Your theme developer may also have a workaround as well. If you like, you could also remove the lines placed within your .htaccess file by Better WP Security, although this could potentially open you up to further issues depending on the protection that your site needs in place.