I can not log in at admin panel in Prestashop it stays at the homepage

  • Answered
I am transfering the website to Inmotion but always happens the same. I have transfer the whole files through ftp and configuring the database. My website works but not admin panel. When I tried to log in nothing happens like if I introduce a wrong password or username but without a message. The user and pass are both correct because when I set a wrong password the message that my password or username is incorrect appears.

I dont know what to do. My version is If I cant log in into my admin panel my website is usefulness.

I tried clearing the .htaccess file because something wrong with the redirection but it does not fix the issue.
I have seen this issue before in which there was an issue with the PrestaShop core files. First, make a backup of your site as well as the database, then replace the core PrestaShop files. Be sure leave the /config/settings.inc.php intact as this is required to connect to your database. The issue should then be resolved. After resolving your issues with PrestaShop, I highly recommend updating your PrestaShop installation as running older versions can introduce various bugs like this as well as security issues.