Mobile Site Won't Re-Direct

  • Answered
I'm trying to set up a mobile-friendly site for my real estate website --

I set up the site itself through Duda Mobile

In-Motion sent me an article about how to re-direct mobile traffic to Best method they said was to re-direct traffic through the htaccess fold, gave me a bit of code which we put in.

this doesn't seem to work. Called Support and they say they got no idea what that code does, why it won't work.

How do I get this to work?

Jim Esposito
[email protected]

You stated that it doesn't work but what specifically about it doesn't work? What happens when you attempt to use it? Have you placed it in the bottom of your .htaccess file or the top? Placing it in the top will allow it to load before any other information that you may have in there and will produce better results. Also, depending on the code that is written for the mobile site, it could override those changes and cause unexpected results.

Some phones may also no recognize the changes and try to present themselves as desktop clients which can cause issues. I highly recommend a responsive design over simply redirecting to another version of the site.