I cannot FTP into my site

  • Answered
I cannot FTP into my site. My password has not been changed but I have reset the FTP password and created a new FTP account and have used the Cyberduck generated login file but I cannot access the site. (I have tried FTP and SFTP)
Hello George, and sorry for the issues. I took a look on the server and it does look like it's logging your login attempts as an authentication failed error when trying to login to FTP with your main cPanel username. So something in your FTP client settings for your username / password doesn't match what is currently set on the server. You can reset your cPanel password to make sure you're using the same on in your FTP client, but it sounds like you're already able to get into cPanel, so just make sure you're using that same password to try to get in via FTP. It looks like the [email protected] separate FTP user that you created for some reason was logging this error:

[INFO] Can't change directory to /public_html: No such file or directory

I'm not sure why this isn't working for that user, I went ahead and created a [email protected] FTP user on your account pointing to the exact same directory, and it has no issue connecting with FTP. Can you try resetting your FTP password for that test account to something simple, then see if you can get in with that account. If you can get in, I'd recommend deleting the first separate FTP account you created and then create it again, as soon as you click on the Directory field, just type p then click on public_html to ensure it's not adding some strange characters or something messing up the config for that user. If you're still having problems, it could possibly be related to your FTP client itself. I might suggest not using a generated login for your FTP client and instead just manually typing in the settings to ensure everything is setup correctly: Host: example.com Username: [email protected] Password PasswordYouSet Hope that helps, let us know if you're still having problems! - Jacob