Over 2600 403 errors Since March

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So I recently noticed a drop in overall website viewing, so I wanted to investigate and opened up Google Webmaster tools. I found out that I am getting over 2600 403 errors on my site. Prior to March 27th I would get one 403 error a day, but since that day, I have been getting an exponential increase in these errors which just so happens to correspond with the time that my site viewership has dropped.

Is there something that can be done at a global level to correct these problems? I checked my robot txt and it doesn't look like anything has been changed there. I hope this is something that only takes a couple of modifications as opposed to a long drawn out process.

Please help.
Hello RichardM,

Thank you for your question. Since 403 are permission errors, you would want to see the exact files or folders that where that are attempted to be accessed. If you have any specific paths you want us to take a look at, feel free to reply with it here. We can always remove any identifying data before the public sees the comment.

Also, goood job in finding the potential culprit. Please let us know if that was the case and/or if you need anything further.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M