Removing the RoundCube signature delimiter

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Hi Jacob,
Your suggestion is working fine so far. May I please bother you with one more question? The RoundCube signature is not quite perfect for me because of the dashes it places before my signature. I have googled and found this fix:

Attachment rcube_remove_sig_dashes.diff? added

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"I've created this attached patch to remove the dashes from the signature, works both for plain text and HTML messages. Just download the raw patch file (click the down arrow next to the patch name above) into the root folder of the roundcube installation and apply with "patch -p0 < rcube_remove_sig_dashes.diff". Works with roundcube 0.8.2.
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I downloaded the file and it is supposed to be placed in the root folder for RoundCube, but I have no idea if that is possible on my local computer ... is this something I can do or would that be for IMH?
Thank you again!

Thanks for the question. As you have signed in anonymously, it's difficult to get information on your account. It does help to provide a URL if you do not use a registered user when post a question. However, I was able to track down your account and it appears that you're on a business-level account. The Round Cube webmail client is loaded for the server and can not be installed for you. However, if you have loaded it yourself from Softaculous, then you can patch it yourself based on where you have installed it. If you have installed locally, then yes it should be possible for you to patch it.

I hope this helps to clear up the issue. Please let us know if you have any further question.

Arnel C.