Will I always be able to own the domain provided by Open Classifieds?

  • Answered
Hello, I'm interested in buying this service. I would like to get the $4.89 monthly plan. My only concern is that will this price always stay the same? And will I be able to own the free domain you provide, or do you have complete control over the domain. Thanks, happy Easter!
Hello BlackTank, Thanks for the question! You would need to contact a sales person for the pricing issues. You can get their contact information here. Since you registered the domain with a different domain registrar we have no control over the domain. InMotion Hosting is a hosting company and we also provide domain registrar services as a convenience for our customers (if they wish to use it). Our main concern is providing a server to serve your website files. As long as you have registered the domain name and keep the subscription with your domain registrar valid, the domain belongs to you! Hosting companies have no claim or control of your domain name other than to house your website files. I hope that helps to explain the issue! Please contact our sales people for any questions regarding monthly plan pricing. Happy Easter to you too! Kindest regards, Arnel C.