Seeing someone elses Address Book in Horde

  • Answered
When going thru the settings of the upgraded Horde webmail, I noticed an extra address book listed. When I look at it, I see about 500 or so email addresses of people I do not know.
Hello, and thanks for the question. This happens when another user on the same server as you shares their address book globally. That is done by clicking on Address Book at the top, then clicking on the Pencil icon beside your local address book. If you click on Change Permissions and place a check-mark beside All Authenticated Users for Show and Read other users on the server would see this in their list of Shared Address Books. In the older version of Horde you could easily hide these shared address books, so that you would only see your own. However it looks like in Horde 5.1 this is not an available option any longer, so thanks for pointing that out! I've gone ahead and submitted an internal ticket to our system administration team to look into updating the use_shares option in the /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/turba/config/sources.php file to false to prevent shared address books from being displayed in other user's accounts. Thanks again for letting us know! - Jacob